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Ayla Oasis – Aqaba


Ayla Oasis 


Ayla is an ambitious waterfront development that will dramatically transform Aqaba by creating (17 km) of new seafront from a (250 m) strip on the Gulf of Aqaba by creating a new bay. The development scheme includes a variety of up-market hotels, unique residential communities, a golf course and a town center that encompasses a marina, retail units, cafes, entertainment and recreational facilities.

The “Arabian Venice” theme is the heart of this concept. It incorporates an eclectic style of flat-roof residential Arabic architecture that rises out from the waters with warm earthy colors against the blue sea to create a magical environment. This characteristic is repeated throughout the marina basin.

From the Old Fort Hotel that guards the entry to this mythical harbor, the theme carries on to the Marina Village Center and the waterfront apartments that appear as a series of vibrant islands within the lagoons and extends down through the lagoon entry and exit channels to the sea, with luxury villas located on individual islands.

Ayla is expected to provide approximately 3000 residential units, in addition to 1700 rooms in

4- and 5-star hotels to be constructed over a period of 9 years. The total cost of this project is

approximately (US$ 1.4 Billion) with a total area of (430 hectare) on the northern shore.