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  • nafaa
  JOD 137,500 - Land
  • مساحة الأرض: 5 دونم
  • المحافظة: البلقاء
  • المديرية: أراضي السلط
  • القرية: السلط
  • الحي: جدول الأحياء
  • السعر: 137500 دينار أردني

Hidden Properties Commission

In case of renting, Hidden Properties charge 5% of Annual Rent for the first Year only, or 10% if the rent period is 6 months or less, (Plus the Government Sales Tax of 16%).In the case of the signature of a rental contract for more than one year, and the rent amount will be paid in advance for the additional rental or part of it, Hidden Properties deserves commission (2%) of the additional amount paid (Plus the Government Sales Tax 16%). As in the case of a sale, Hidden Properties charges 2% of the sales price, (Plus the Government Sales Tax 16%).

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